WP Local Plus is a completely automated WordPress plugin that will allow you automatically create content packed, dynamic local business directories complete with business listings, business reviews, coupon offers and Google Maps integration, and much more, right from within your WordPress blog. No other WordPress plugin does what WP Local Plus does.

WP Local Plus Plugin

Dynamic Local Business Content For Your Blog

  • WP Local Plus gives you access to rich, local business listings to enhance your existing user experience on your blogs or gives you the ability to quickly create new local web directory sites.
  • It’s simple to use, yet powerful components will allow you to add a powerful local business search functionality to your current blogs and add other “high value” content such as business reviews and deals.
  • The WP Local Plus plugin will allow your visitors to get detailed information about business listings including location, website, reviews, maps and more right within the blog.
  • Easy display profiles of businesses using information from WP Local Plus’s dynamic self updating system, which contain more than 18 million business listings.
  • Full Google Maps Integration. Show business search results as places on a map, with full Google maps functionality and the ability for the visitor to expand the search or access full details of a given place.
  • High Powered Search Tool. WP Local Plus local business and offer search lets you show your users the most relevant local results possible.
  • Enhanced Content. Enhance your blog or local directory with more than just business listing by also including local deals and discounts offered by the business owners themselves. All of this information is streamed automatically to you blog for you visitors to enjoy.
  • Built In Contextual Text Ad System (see below) Turn any keyword you choose into a “hot word” that shows a contextual in text ad, whenever the visitor hovers their mouse over the selected word.
  • Featured Listing Advertising System (see below) Feature business that purchase advertising from you at the top of the directory results, above all other local businesses for maximum exposure.
  • Shadow Box Advertising System (see below)

It uses publicly available information to build content for you, and now covers most major world markets. Content is refreshed every time the page is refreshed, so is kept up to date. In addition to content building, one of the great features is their “Contextual Text Ad” system. Hover over a selected keyword, and an advertisement will display! Imagine that if you have a local food review site for your area, you could offer selling keywords to local restaurants. So for example a restaurant which specialises in Thai food could choose to advertise a special offer for all the ‘Thai food’ keywords on your site. Therefore when a visitor searches your site, and hovers over the word ‘Thai food’, they see the ad with the chosen offer, e.g. ’25% for dinner if ordered before 6.30pm’. There are two more features you can use WP Local Plus to market to local businesses:

  • Featured Listing Advertising System This is like ads that appear in Google search results. Why not charge a business a monthly fee to place their details above other businesses in the listings for their category? This is great for monthly income generation.
  • Shadow Box Advertising System Use this to sell advertising in a category, for example if you have a Swiss Watch category, you can find a shop that pays you a small fee to have a banner-ad pop over the other listings in a shadow box style in the listings page.

There are two version of this plugin, tailored for your local market, and each plugin has slightly different settings

U S and Canada International
US & Canada plugin Buy this plugin here

These can be bought separately, but the best  value lies with the Developer Bundle as it can be used on any number of sites that you build for yourself or for clients, and includes both the US & Canada & International plugin settings.   Inside the Members Area is access to the plugins, setup tutorials for both plugin versions, and several bonuses to help get the best out of this plugin.

WPLocalPlus Profit Plan – 2 videos explaining how markets can be approached

Local Cash Catalyst Report – a downloadable PDF

WPLocalPlus Blackbook – another downloadable PDF “ninja” marketing guide


This plugin is somewhat new, but the developers seem keen to keep updating it and take suggestions. The “how-to” guides are currently video-based, but that could change and updated PDF versions may become available. Currently you cannot have both plugins activated at the same time, which means that you cannot have a global site for, say, Thai restaurants. You can have it active for the USA market, or switch off the USA plugin and activate the International one for, say, Australia, but that turns off the listings for the USA pages on your site. Why would you though anyway? This plugin is targeted at building websites for your local area, that you know, and to which you can market your services. Perhaps this could be done though thru a Worpress Multi-Site install – this has not been tested.   Pricing and payment details are on the next page.